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Initiative Utö's model is a new concept, which can be a guide for how to do things in Sweden, Europe and around the Baltic Sea area. We work to develop more wetlands, learn more about cultivation, how to extract phosphorus and scale up and communicate to engage more. Our wish is that Initiative Utö will spread rings on the water. The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted waters in the world and habitat for so many animals and a source of enjoyment for so many.
Initiative Utö is a project that started in a wetland for a healthier Baltic Sea. The permit and financing process started in November 2012 and the wetland was completed in March 2015. The wetland consists of a nursery for pike and benefits many other species in the water and on land. In parallel with the wetland, a cultivation was established that contributed raw materials for private and professional use. The innovation with Initiative Utö and the wetland is that it shows that it is possible to combine food and climate and build small-scale local wetlands with combined organic vegetable cultivation. It shows a simple, local solution that everyone can be part of and understand. Wetlands and cultivation contribute to a more sustainable food chain, biodiversity, living seas, better health through partnerships.
We hope that more people see the potential in what we do and that we can engage more companies and individuals to take the concept to larger dimensions quickly. Initiatives Utö is creative and fast, run by enthusiasts with different skills who have a strong track record of driving, following up and delivering.

Mission Statement

Initiative Utö is a project for a healthier Baltic Sea. We want to prevent negative environmental impact, restore environments, improve conditions for animals and humans and establish new projects that benefit the environment and exercise. The guiding star in everything we do is SUSTAINABILITY IN PRACTICE.

Program Details

Existing. Wetland Fladen - In operation since 2015. Reproduction room for pike and perch, destination and training site, composting and circular cultivation and a test-site for how to extract phosphorus out of the sediment..
Under construction - Wetland Gruvan. A smaller wetland together with private landowners and the Archipelago Foundation. Reproduction room for pike and perch, destination and training site.
Planned-Wetland Byviken. A smaller wetland together with Amf1 and FortV.
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