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Mission Statement

Ice911 Research is a nonprofit dedicated to proving to the world that we can safely preserve and restore the Arctic ice and polar habitat


We’re a nonprofit dedicated to climate restoration starting with Arctic ice, which is a very important lever on climate change. The loss of reflective ice in the Arctic over the past few decades contributes greatly to the current global temperature rise.
We’ve spent the past decade testing and developing material approaches that could be used to make young, thin ice reflective.  We now focus on using reflective hollow microspheres, which can be thought of as a kind of white, floating sand, chosen for its safety and practicality.
Once dispersed in limited, strategic locations, the material would act as a thin reflective layer on Arctic ice. The material is bright and reflective -- not like a transparent glass lens, but like reflective white sand or snow.
This is a safe choice for animals and ecosystems because all life on Earth has co-evolved with it in various forms on land, in our rocks, and dissolved in our oceans. It’s a safe form of the material, large, amorphous and round enough to not cause harm to living creatures or the environment.
Our approach isn’t the magic wand that will avert a global catastrophe, but rather a safe interim solution that can be applied now to ameliorate global warming, buying time for humanity to move to a more sustainable economy.

Program Details

For the past 700,000 years, Arctic sea ice has acted as the Earth’s heat shield by reflecting incoming solar radiation safely back to space, keeping us at an even temperature. Scientists worldwide suggest that continued warming of the Arctic’s atmosphere and ocean are driving broad changes in the Earth’s environmental system.
With your help, we have the potential to stop this destructive trend, save multiyear ice, and help turn new winter ice into multiyear ice. If we can bring back more reflective multiyear ice, there’s a chance that this can restore the Arctic’s ice cap and its ability to protect the Earth from extreme heat.
With full funding throughout a span of 5-7 years for a selected Arctic sea ice/glacier location, we could answer all major R&D questions of efficacy, safety, deployment methodology, climate modeling for optimized materials placement, and measurement of effectiveness and eco-impact via test-site monitoring.
We’re a nonprofit that relies on the generosity of individuals and foundations. Thank you.

Primary Issue
Climate Change
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