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Mission Statement

Humane Society International's vision is a world where people treat animals and the environment with respect and compassion. We work to build an ecologically sustainable and humane world for all animals.


Humane Society International advocates for the protection of individual animals, healthy populations and habitats. We base our positions on sound science and compassion for all animals and are committed to reducing animal suffering and cruelty.
HSI ensures threatened species receive legal protection through Australian laws and international treaties. We have had key successes in protecting sharks, whales, sea lions, albatross, koalas, flying-foxes, orangutans, elephants and lions to name just a few.
Our scientific nomination program has seen more than 70 threatened species and millions of hectares of wildlife habitat protected in law. We continually advocate for improvements to those laws and their enforcement. Our Wildlife Land Trust program helps protect habitat for rare and common species alike on more than 600 Australian sanctuaries.
We work to improve farming standards so that each animals is treated with respect and care over the course of its life. We advocate for farm animals to be able to move, forage and exhibit natural behaviours, with free access to outside areas, access to shade and shelter and a good diet.
We campaign to protect all animals cruelly exploited for their skins, horns and fins and are actively working to end the cruel dog meat trade in Vietnam, India, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and South Korea. We also fight for protections for animals abused in the racing, gambling and entertainment industries.

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