Mission Statement

human-I-T believes that through social entrepreneurship, opportunities are created for our world to become more inclusive, sustainable, and bold.
We inspire and empower people through technology and information to achieve their full potential, while reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste.
This isn’t just our mission. It’s our purpose.


human-I-T works to close the digital divide and reduce the harmful environmental effects of electronic waste by connecting low-income households and students to high-speed internet, computers, and digital literacy training through repurposed corporate technology.

Program Details

Electronic Asset Repurposing: human-I-T reduces the environmental impact of decommissioned electronic devices (commonly referred to as e-waste) by reusing items in their highest best use since the recycling process iteself is a contributor to fossil fuel use, and is often used to reduce perfectly functional items to raw materials. Items that cannot be repurposed are respobsibly recycled to ensure they do not end up in landfills or burning in open pits.
human-I-T Connect (Digital Inclusion):
  • Affordable High-Speed Internet: human-I-T assists low-income households to find and sign up for low-cost internet service in their area.
  • Affordable Computers: human-I-T makes low-cost computers available for purchase and donation to low-income households, non-profits, educational entities, and goverment entities.
  • Digital Literacy Training: human-I-T offers a free digital literacy course for new technology users. This self-paced, tutor assisted course allows every learner to discover the ways that computers and internet access can empower them and enrich their lives.
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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