Hudson River Watershed Alliance


Mission Statement

The Hudson River Watershed Alliance unites and empowers communities to protect their local water resources.


Hudson River Watershed Alliance provides education and technical assistance on key issues for a healthy and resilient Hudson River watershed. We work across the Hudson River watershed to support watershed groups, help communities work together on water issues, and communicate as a collective voice. A watershed is the area of land from which water drains into a river, stream, or other waterbody. The Hudson River watershed covers almost 13,400 square miles, and includes over 65 tributary streams.
Our vision is to connect people to the water in their communities and build a network of effective watershed stewards to ensure clean and abundant water today and into the future.
We are a collaborative network of engaged, informed and active citizens, grassroots groups, and municipalities working to ensure a healthy and resilient Hudson River Watershed.
We lead educational, capacity-building, and networking events to inform and inspire communities to protect and restore our water resources.
We seek to build effective water stewardship by giving people the tools, information and resources they need to better manage their streams and tributaries.

Program Details

Our core programs include:
Watershed Roundtables for watershed groups to share their work and best practices;
Watershed Workshops, one-day trainings with a variety of speakers focused on more technical content;
Annual Watershed Conference, a full day to share new information, programs, and strategies;
Lecture series on water topics in New Paltz and Troy;
Targeted technical assistance for watershed groups; and
Community Resilience Building Workshops for municipalities to work together to improve resiliience to climate change and flooding (in partnership with The Nature Conservancy);
Communicating as a collective voice on behalf of watershed groups in the region, including our annual Work on Watersheds Yearbook.

Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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