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We believe that to create positive environmental change at the scale and speed needed, we need to get everyone on board. That's why since 2014, we've been designing campaigns that inspire ways of living that are good for the environment. We disrupt the status quo to raise awareness, nudge behaviours and shape systems. We do this with knowledge and playfulness, and we won’t make you feel bad.
We concentrate on things people are passionate about and are relevant day-to-day, like fashion, food, the homes we live in and the spaces around us. We keep things simple, offering practical and realistic solutions that help cut waste, make clothes last longer, save money and create cleaner spaces to live and work in, and more often than not bring people together.
Collaboration is central to our approach. We listen, co-design and are inclusive working at all levels, from grass roots to the boardroom. We’re purposeful with clear charitable objectives. We base our campaigns on research and insights from across the UK and the world, and measure everything we do so we know what delivers a tangible, positive impact.

Mission Statement

We want to create a world where everyone is an environmentalist, whether they know it or not

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Our projects are positive, playful and bring people together in a way that benefits the environment, From our Give It A Grow campaign encouraging Londoners to create green and wild spaces at home, to our almost 100 Community Fridges helping people discover the joy of rescuing surplus food, to our pioneering Plastic Fishing trips that teach volunteer litter pickers about ocean plastics aboard the world's first 99% recycled plastic boats, all our projects aim to inspire by showing that change is not only possible, but exciting too.
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