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The Himalayan Stove Project is a humanitarian & philanthropic program. It is dedicated to preserving the Himalayan environment and improving the health of the people living in the trans-Himalayan region. We donate and distribute free, clean-burning, fuel-efficient Envirofit cookstoves, transforming the lives of individuals and families who now cook with traditional, rudimentary stoves or over open fire pits inside their homes, consuming excessive amounts of precious fuel and polluting the indoor air to dangerously unhealthy levels.


We deliver fuel efficient, low polluting, cookstoves to people in the high Himalayas of Nepal, reducing Household Air Pollution (HAP) by up to 90%, using 75% less fuel, and cooking up to twice as fast. We transform the life of a family in the ten minutes it takes to install a stove, and our Nepal-made chimney system .   Our Envirofit stoves are effective – saving many lives, as well as helping our planet earth in our state of global warming.
Our founder, George Basch, first visited Nepal in 2001, helping provide base-camp support for blind climber Erik Weihenmayer’s successful summit of Mount Everest, and was exposed to the wretched smoke in Sherpa homes, where they were using yak dung for fuel, with no ventilation.
In 2009, George was trekking in the barren, upper Mustang region of Nepal, and encountered the same conditions in people’s homes. Later that year, in Bhutan, someone told him about a very fuel efficient, low polluting stove. It was a light-bulb moment. He had observed a problem, and here was a potential solution...
Household Air Pollution (HAP), caused by primitive cooking, affects more than 3 billion people around the world; more than 40% of the world’s population, and causes 4 million premature deaths each year.
Primitive cooking is also very detrimental to the environment because of excessive use of wood, dung and other bio-mass fuels and the large amounts of black carbon, or soot, that’s put into the atmosphere.
We decided to see how we could help alleviate this problem, in Nepal.
We focused on the rugged mountainous regions.
In 2010, our founder, George Basch, was inducted into the Explorers Club, and one of his sponsors, Sir Chris Bonington, gave him some invaluable guidance as to how to structure HSP's distribution efficiently, and opened some very important doors for us.  George's idea quickly progressed to a test-market in late 2010. We sent over 4 dozen stoves.
Field inspection in 2011 found enthusiastic acceptance from the communities.
Our Himalayan Partners INSISTED that recipients make a small cash or in-kind contribution so that they had an investment in their stove.
In 2012 we delivered our first shipping container of stoves and we’re delivering our sixth and seventh containers in spring and fall, 2019. By then we will have installed just over 6,000 family / domestic stoves.
Plus, we brought over 48 of the larger mass-feeding stoves as part of our 2015 efforts to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Our small, nimble organization raised $100,000 in aid, and we were able to quickly relieve significant suffering in many of the communities that we were serving, with tarps, tents and other shelters, water purification and solar lighting systems and other desperately needed aid, and of course, stoves for families and mass-feeding.
Combining the impact of our family-domestic stove deliveries and our emergency Earthquake Relief efforts, we’ve affected the lives of more than 50,000 people.
It costs only $150 to bring a stove system to a family, transforming their lives forever.
Most of the communities we serve are remote and hard to reach. Sometimes we have to fly the stoves in by helicopter or use 4-wheel drive trucks just to get them to the beginning of the trail. From there our Himalayan Partners and their porters carry them in on their backs, sometimes only for a few hours, sometimes for days, over torturous and dangerous mountain trails.
Our non-profit US based charity raises money from individuals, businesses and organizations from all over the planet. We are passionate about transforming people’s lives and helping to save the planet, and expect to continue being “lean and mean” as our volume grows, so that we will be cost-effective in every aspect of our operation. We have a small staff due to our many dedicated volunteers, all of whom are very supportive and passionate about transforming people’s lives and helping to save the planet.  
Since Our Stoves use up to 75% less biomass fuel, we have a smaller impact on de-forestation and allow more yak-dung to enrich the soil, rather than “going up in smoke”.
Our stoves work very well using small sticks, which is a huge benefit to the many “single mom” Nepalese households (whose husbands are working outside of the country to earn a living) so that they can literally pick up sticks rather than having someone chop down a tree.
The harsh realities of global warming are becoming more apparent.
In February 2019 the results of a comprehensive multi-year study about the Himalayan Glaciers (often referred to as the third pole) were released.
On February 4th, 2019 the BBC headlined that “Warming threatens Himalayan Glaciers” and went on to say, “The glaciers are a critical water source for 250 million people living across eight different countries. The towering peaks of K2 and Mount Everest are part of the frozen Hindu Kush and Himalayan ranges that contain more ice that anywhere else on Earth, apart from the polar regions. Over the next few decades, the melting could accelerate thanks to warming and increased air pollution from a growing population."
As you probably know, carbon in the atmosphere; particularly black carbon, or soot, is a major cause of global warming. A recent study found that if CO2 emissions are not cut rapidly, two thirds of these giant ice fields could disappear. The efficiency of our stoves results in reduced soot, or black carbon, output into the air.
We are asked, frequently, whether we'll expand beyond Nepal. The estimated need in Nepal is for 1 million stoves. We're very proud that, with continuing and increasing support, we will have, by the end of 2019, delivered over 6,000 stoves, so we only have 994,000 to go.
Our message is “donate a stove, or two or ten, and enhance the lives of that many families, AND help slow the growth of global warming”.
You can also be a part of this evolutionary, aid to reshape and enhance our communities, environment and planet.
To date, we have delivered over 5,500 Envirofit clean cookstoves, and helped improve the lives of over 50,000 people. Remember that when you (or a group) donates 1 stove, or 5, or 20, you are transforming the lives of that many families, and also helping reduce the overall pollution in their community and beyond, thus playing an incremental role in helping to slow global warming.
We are frequently asked whether we'll expand beyond Nepal. The estimated need in Nepal is for 1 million clean cookstoves. Our goal is to continue to raise the funds to meet this need. With continued and increased support, we will have delivered 6,000 clean cookstoves by the end of 2019, so…only 994,000 to go.

Program Details

Household Air Pollution (HAP) is the single most important environmental risk factor overall, globally, and particularly in poor regions, affecting over 3 billion people worldwide, almost one half of the world’s population.
There are 4 million deaths annually attributable to HAP from cooking fuel. That’s larger than deaths from outdoor air pollution and smoking.
Most of the impact is in adults, but 500,000 deaths occur annually in children from ALRI diseases, like pneumonia.
We are a "one trick pony" and dedicated to completely eradicating this problem in an area very near and dear to our founder, the High Himalayas of Nepal. Every year, we send stoves via shipping container to Kathmandu. These stoves then need to be flown, driven, trekked, or all of the above to get to the families who need them the most. Your tax deductible gift will go towards this vital shipment. Right now we are accepting donations to fund the two 2020 containers. $150 will fully fund a stove, and transform a families life.
The Himalayan Stove Project is an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. EIN:86-1044567

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