Healthy Oceans, Healthy People


Mission Statement

The mission of the nonprofit Healthy Oceans, Healthy People is to inspire ocean conservation to protect our water planet.


Our research and education program goal is to inspire ocean conservation and encourage people to take action to protect the ocean. Our research focuses on people who spend a lot of time in the ocean like surfers and lifeguards. We investigate ocean exposure associations with health and mental health symptoms.  Specific water quality issues investigated are: phytoplankton species, red tides/harmful algal blooms, and bacteria (enterococci).  We also examine the many benefits of spending time in the ocean. We sponsor science fair projects, art, photography, and poetry projects focused on ocean conservation and water safety in middle schools and high schools.

Program Details

Our research focuses on oceans and human health connections (i.e. Santa Cruz surfer health study, U. S. lifeguard health study, harmful algal blooms, and ocean & human health and wellness). HOHP interdisciplinary research interests intertwine the fields of epidemiology, oceanography, sociology, and psychology.
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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