Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah)


Mission Statement

HEAL Utah promotes renewable energy and clean air, and protects public health and the environment from dirty, toxic and nuclear energy threats.


The Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah) has a track record of tackling some of the biggest threats to Utah’s environment and public health — and succeeding — by empowering grassroots advocates, using science-based solutions, and developing common-sense policy.
Our issues include clean air, energy and climate, and radioactive waste. For each of our issues, we take well-researched legislative, regulatory, and individual responsibility approaches to create tangible change and then rely on grassroots action to make it happen. 
Change occurs when everyone has the opportunity for their voice to be heard. By educating citizens, building their civic skills, and getting us all to consider our personal choices, we mobilize individuals to protect our families, our communities, and our natural world.
Understanding political, regulatory, and industry-wide perspectives allows us to navigate both choppy and smooth waters. By having a seat at the table, researching realistic solutions, and creating strategic, long-term campaigns, we successfully move legislation, regulatory measures, and personal lifestyle changes forward to guarantee a better, healthier tomorrow.
For almost 20 years we have fought to protect our health and our natural world from environmental threats, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Ultimately, we push for positive progress that will help our state and the Utahns in it prosper.

Program Details

HEAL Utah formed 20 years ago to give voice to residents of Utah communities who were concerned about the health risks related to radioactive and other toxic waste. Along the way, we looked upstream to try to stop the creation of this and other types of dangerous pollutants in the first place and expanded our focus to include clean energy and clean air, which eventually led us to include health concerns related to climate change resulting from dirty energy as well. At the core of all our issues is a goal to protect public health from environmental threats.
We believe there isn’t just one path to solving these problems. That’s why we take multi-pronged approaches for all of our issues. We prioritize smart and strategic advocacy for policies that will result in actual, tangible changes. We work to educate and engage as many decision-makers as possible — from legislators and regulators to industry, business, and the general public. We spend time at the Capitol and in city halls and out in communities throughout Utah pushing for a better tomorrow. Learn more about our approaches on our about page.

Our Issues

Clean air is the dominant environmental concern on the mind of people throughout Utah’s northern and eastern valleys. In the winter, small particles called PM2.5 clog our urban areas while, in the summer, invisible ozone pollution plagues these valleys and those in the Uintah Basin. Our work addresses the three main air pollution emission sources in these regions — vehicles, area sources, and industry — and we split our time on clean air between the legislature, regulatory agencies, the private business sector, and the general public.
A clean energy future can both mitigate climate change and put Utah on more sustainable, economic path forward. Creating a cleaner future will require a transition to renewable energy both on a personal and industry-wide scale. We rely on technical modeling to help inform our policy and regulatory recommendations at the local and statewide levels.
Utah has a long, tragic history with radioactive and other toxic materials. Since HEAL’s inception, we have fought to protect the communities threatened with exposure to these poisonous substances and we continue this fight today. We address radioactive waste issues by harnessing the power of grassroots advocates, educating ourselves and others on the technical science behind the hazards of such waste, and watchdogging corporations that profit from it.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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