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HabitsofWaste.org (HoW) protects the environment by creating and sharing innovative solutions that facilitate collective societal change through individualized shifts in everyday 'habits of waste'. We believe in the power of one.


HabitsOfWaste.org (HoW) began after our Founder, Sheila Morovati, successfully spearheaded the nation's first active straw and cutlery ban in Malibu, CA. Based on the success of the straw ban, we launched Habits of Waste to provide similar services, education, and campaigns that protect our planet. Our mission is to get people to think more deeply about their role in creating a more sustainable planet.

Program Details

HabitsofWaste.org (H.o.W.) is currently operating several programs targeting everyday habits of waste. H.o.W. started after we spearheaded one of the nation's first plastic straw bans in Malibu, CA. We have supported similar efforts in the cities of Beverly Hills and New York.
Our #CUTOUTCUTLERY campaign, featured in Forbes, allows users to email Grubhub and Door Dash to change their default settings so that single-use plastic cutlery be available by request only, potentially saving billions of unnecessary pieces of plastic from entering the waste stream each year. This campaign recently convinced UberEats and Postmates to change its default settings internationally. Postmates estimates that this change has prevented millions of pieces of single-use plastic from being delivered each month on their application alone.
For years, bottled water companies have marketed their product as superior to filtered tap water, leading to over 1,000,000 single-use bottles being produced every minute. Only 9% of these are actually recycled, creating a huge plastic waste issue. #DRINKTAP hopes to undo years of deceptive marketing by sharing the facts with consumers, helping them to realize that filtered tap water is not only the cheaper option, but it is also better for our health and the planet.
#LAGREENTEEN is working to provide clean water fountains to LA’s oldest high school, Los Angeles Senior High. Our workshop based campaign aims to teach students how to use social media as a tool to create social and environmental change. We are hoping to launch similar programs (#YOURCITYGreenTeen) all over the country as a means to reduce plastic bottle waste and encourage people to refill reusables instead.
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