Guardians of the Ice


Mission Statement

To mobilize a broad social movement around the retreat of the Columbia Icefield, breaking the logjam of apathy and complacency towards the climate crisis. We can accomplish this by becoming committed climate activists in a community of individual action, community collaboration and policy change.


To ignite hearts and minds to galvanize meaningful action on behalf of the rapidly-retreating Columbia Icefield, its watersheds and the whole planet.
To marry art and science in film, photography and text to illuminate the significance of what is being lost and the infinite possibilities to be realized in grappling with this urgent global climate crisis.
To build a committed community of action with a compelling common picture in order to transform society through changes of understanding and attitude. Emotionally invested citizens become active agents of change, beginning with themselves.
We are artists; filmmakers, photographers, scientists, writers. We know that forcing a false choice between a story of hope and a story of doom misses the essential dynamic synergy of the two.

Program Details

1. Produce and present a documentary film, photographic exhibition and “coffee table” book to make a visually compelling case for how climate change is causing the deglaciation of the Columbia Icefield, and demonstrate the impacts throughout the watersheds fed by the Icefield. There is great confusion when art and science look at each other. Art looks at the world through the psyche, the emotions, and of course the aesthetic. Science tends to look at the world through the rational, the quantitative -- things that can be measured and described -- but it gives art a terrific context of understanding. Film development and production will be a two-year process.
2. Present film and book at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, exposing, to a large and diverse international audience, the beauty and fragility of the Icefield and the potential for action to at least slow the effects of global warming.
3. Mobilize student action in communities through materials and experiences offered with Alberta Tomorrow to reduce personal, family and community carbon footprints throughout the region. Fortunately for all of us, there is room to move here in that youth today have tools for effecting change that did not exist before. If you are 17 it is important to know the difference between aimless dissidence and directed ethical dissent. The difference between being an effective activist as opposed to being a mere rebel is the capacity to say no not just out of disobedience but out of affirmation. In the climate context disobedience should not be seen as rancour against something but affirmation for something, in this case for a sustainable planet and for their own futures.
4. Mobilize community action throughout the region to influence policy in business and government relating to carbon reduction, beginning with Canmore, Alberta and branching out to other communities in the region.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
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