Mission Statement

GreenWave is supporting a new generation of ocean farmers feeding the planet and building a blue-green economy in the era of climate change.


GreenWave was founded in 2014 to replicate the 3D Ocean Farming model and scale the ecological and economic benefits of restorative agriculture. 3D Ocean Farming is a polyculture vertical farming system growing a mix of seaweeds and shellfish that require zero inputs, making it the most sustainable form of food production on the planet while sequestering carbon and rebuilding reef ecosystems. Since our farms sit below the surface and leverage the entire water column, they produce high yields with a small footprint. Our crops are used as food, fertilizer, animal feed and more.

Program Details

The GreenWave Reef model is our way of replicating in new areas. Each Reef has 25 to 50 small-scale ocean farms, a land-based hatchery and processing hub, and a ring of large-scale institutional buyers and entrepreneurs developing value-added products. These Reefs are then replicated up and down coastlines. Our goal is to support the launch of 10 Reefs in 5 years. To date, GreenWave has trained and supported over 50 farmers and entrepreneurs throughout New England, California, New York, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.
To replicate GreenWave Reefs, our program focuses on two distinct areas. GreenWave’s Farm Replication Program trains and supports new farmers, develops necessary policy to encourage sustainable and equitable industry growth, and researches and deploys appropriate technology on farms to maximize yields. While increasing the supply of restorative ocean crops through Farm Replication, GreenWave’s Market Innovation Program scales demand for crops by incubating early-stage product development, mobilizing investment and opening new market opportunities for farmers.
Primary Issue
Climate Change

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