Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group (GEERG)


Mission Statement

The mission of GEERG is to advance scientific knowledge on the Greenland shark and northern shark species, to promote shark awareness and conservation, and to support marine initiatives for youth. GEERG science focuses on behavioural ecology, conservation biology and movement ecology of sharks in the St. Lawrence, Atlantic Canada, and the Canadian Arctic. The results of our work are shared with the scientific community and the general public.


The Greenland Shark & Elasmobranch Education & Research Group was officially founded in 2003 following three years of novel expeditions in the North Atlantic Ocean (Nova Scotia) and Saguenay Fjord (Québec). Today, GEERG research and conservation activities no longer focus exclusively on the Greenland shark, but also on the many shark, skate and ray species that inhabit the St. Lawrence Gulf and Estuary, the Canadian maritime provinces, and the Arctic.

Program Details

GEERG projects have no commercial applications and are thus not eligible for most types of official funding. We only conduct research projects that focus on science, discovery, education and conservation. The results of all of our work are shared freely with the science community and the public at large.
Over the next five years, GEERG researchers will conduct the most extensive shark distribution project ever undertaken in the St. Lawrence. In order to accomplish this task over such a large area, we must secure funding to cover costs associated with the operation of our research vessel. No salaries are ever paid. All work conducted by GEERG scientists and assistants is done on a volunteer basis.
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