Mission Statement

We cultivate volunteers to collectively act against environmental pollution by paddling for the oceans.


We are an environmental initiative on a mission to clean harbors, coastal regions and other waters from plastic pollution and want to affect people's mindset on environmental responsibility. We do this by putting our GreenKayak’s on the water and let volunteers paddle these for free. In return, they collect trash and share their experience on social media.

Program Details

Our GreenKayaks can be booked free of charge by everyone that wants to take upon action on environmental pollution. You can visit our homepage, select your preferred location and reserve your time on the water. Besides cleaning the waters, we want to raise the overall awareness on the issue of environmental pollution. The aim is to foster a more environmental friendly mindset and behaviour.
The current network of GreenKayak is spread across different European countries and we are looking to expand our organisation globally. We are contioniusly looking for partners who want to support us make it happen, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!
Besides borrowing kayaks for free, we work on vairous projects such as the C40 Mayors Summit or educating school classes to promote a more sustainable intercourse with the environment.
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