Gorongosa Restoration Project


Mission Statement

To protect and restore the beautiful wilderness that is Gorongosa National Park by balancing the needs of wildlife and people, returning it to its rightful place as one of Africa’s greatest parks.


The Gorongosa Project (GP) is unique in its mission to deliver world-class conservation and promote human development for the approximately 200,000 people living in the designated Gorongosa Park Buffer Zone.

Program Details

Conservation: By protecting Gorongosa's beautiful animals and landscapes, we make sure future generations have a chance to experience this special place.
Community: By providing assistance to farmers, educational programs, and health care, we improve the well-being of local communities, thereby gaining their support.
Science: By studying how all the parts of Gorongosa’s complex web of life fit together, we can make informed conservation and management decisions.
Sustainable Tourism: By developing sustainable tourism, we create employment for local people and generate sustainable revenue for the Park. Every guest that visits Gorongosa plays a vital role in this amazing conservation effort.
Primary Issue
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