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The Global Conservation Corps (GCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit operating in South Africa which works to bridge the gap between communities and wildlife.
In order to have a world with wildlife, we must facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between that wildlife and the people who live alongside it.
We do this by working with youth in areas of conservation priority to promote conservation education and jobs within the wildlife economy.

A World Without Wildlife

The majority of children growing up near nature reserves have never seen wildlife. They never get to experience the beauty on the other side of the fence, and they often grow into adults that cannot see the value in preserving wild spaces. If we want a world with wildlife, this must change now.


Global Conservation Corps works in areas of high conservation priority to identify passionate young people, nurture that passion on a weekly basis, and strengthen leadership and mentorship. Most importantly, we work with community partners to identify higher learning opportunities and jobs in conservation upon graduation, so the best-suited graduates are matched with the best job for them within the wildlife economy.
Future Rangers Program
A ranger is synonymous with a steward or caretaker of our Earth. In the Greater Kruger National Park area, unemployment for ages 18-24 is over 50%. Opportunities are the difference between today’s youth becoming tomorrow’s poachers, or tomorrow’s rangers. We believe that education and opportunity creation is the key to reducing poaching and developing the next generation of leaders who will care about the planet and its wildlife.

Mission Statement

Bridging the gap between communities and wildlife.

Program Details

GCC’s Initiatives:
For Our Rangers - Rangers risk their lives every day to stand between a poacher and Africa’s treasured animals. They are allowing us the time to save wildlife. It's what we do with that time that counts. They need your support!
For Future Rangers - Our future is in the hands of the next generation. We work to inspire passion, strengthen skills and provide jobs for the next generation of leaders living alongside some of the worlds' most iconic wildlife. GCC’s Future Rangers Program engages students weekly from age five, aiming to build their appreciation of nature from a core level. Through fostering awareness and exposure, the program gives students the opportunity to excel through incentive focused learning.
Not only do these students learn about conservation, but they have the chance to earn trips to visit reserves, often seeing wildlife for the first time. This intimate connection to nature makes all of the difference as these children become adults and make decisions that influence their communities and the world.
As students progress in the program, the outstanding students showing the most passion for wildlife and nature move into a skills and leadership training, creating the best candidates for jobs and scholarships upon graduation.

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Climate Change
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