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Georgia Strait Alliance was founded in 1990 by citizens concerned about increased pollution and damage to the marine habitat of the Strait of Georgia. Rapid population growth, development, and climate change threaten the natural environment and the wildlife that live in the Strait, an area that Parks Canada has called “the most at-risk natural environment in Canada.” As a custodian of the Strait and a positive agent for change, GSA has become a strong voice and leader on topics such as species at risk and marine habitat protection, sewage treatment, open net-cage salmon farming, fossil fuel transport, and water pollution. GSA envisions a future with clean air and water for all beings living in this breathtakingly beautiful region – knowing that a healthy and protected marine environment is good for the economy, communities, and wildlife.

Mission Statement

Georgia Strait Alliance is dedicated to protecting and restoring the marine environment and promoting the sustainability of the Strait of Georgia (along the West coast of British Columbia), its adjoining waters, and communities. Our approach is to work collaboratively with communities and across sectors to find long term, evidence based solutions to our region's most pressing marine and environmental issues. 

Program Details

Current Programs:
Our Public Engagement program includes our outreach and public education to increase understanding of the importance of the health of Georgia Strait and empower individuals to take an active part in conservation.
Clean Marine BC catalyzes awareness and action among recreational boaters and marina operators to reduce their impacts on the marine environment. 
Our Biodiversity Program ensures that the region's most threatened marine species and their habitat are protected. This includes our continued leadership on the implementation of recovery and protection efforts impacting endangered Southern Resident orcas, with a specific focus on contaminant-related threats, monitoring and enforcement.
Our Energy efforts include work to improve oil spill prevention and response in the Strait and address the climate crisis.
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