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The Three Pillars: Gaviota Coast Conservancy's actions are guided by what we call the Three Pillars of the Gaviota Coast, each one an integral and interconnected support that together fulfills our mission. Each can have a separate application to specific lands. They are:
Rural Character: Preserve the rural character of the Gaviota Coast and where appropriate, encourage regenerative agriculture. Agriculture is the bedrock of our coastal heritage. We encourage agricultural practices that build soil, manage water wisely, avoid toxic chemicals and support biological resources.
Ecological Integrity: Restore and enhance the ecological integrity of the Gaviota Coast, its whole and undivided natural character. Support policies and practices that promote and revitalize biological diversity.
Public Access: Encourage appropriate and respectful public use and access. Recreation and rejuvenation are personal and community benefits. People that experience their environment become more active stewards of their homeland.

Mission Statement

Gaviota Coast Conservancy is dedicated to protecting the rural character and environmental integrity of the Gaviota Coast for present and future generations.

Program Details

Engage Landowners: The Gaviota Coast Conservancy's landowner engagement program looks for properties to permanently protect within our area of coastal interest from Coal Oil Point to the northern end of Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Education: Educate and engage the community to become directly involved with the Gaviota Coast’s protection and restoration. Sign up for an educational hike today!
Advocacy: Advocate for appropriate protection and public access when proposed developments threaten the rural character of the coast. Our small, dedicated staff and hard-working volunteers constantly monitor issues on the coast and intervene when necessary.
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