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Our mission is to preserve and enhance Galveston Bay as a healthy and productive place for future generations. Our vision is a Galveston Bay that is brimming with vitality, connected to people, and contributing to the community in every way. As the population of the Houston-Galveston area continues to multiply and demands on the Bay continue to increase as a result, our mission and our work are more important than ever.


Galveston Bay is notably the seventh largest and second most productive estuary in North America and the largest (by volume) and most productive estuary on the Texas Gulf Coast. The well-being of Galveston Bay is critical to the vitality of our region, and addressing issues affecting this coastal ecosystem are of the highest priority.
For more than 30 years, Galveston Bay Foundation has been instrumental in addressing significant challenges facing Galveston Bay. Through actions and partnerships and a commitment to sound science and research, GBF has established six main program areas in which we work on behalf of the Bay. They are environmental education, habitat restoration, land conservation, water protection, advocacy, and research. Each program is broad and deep, offering a range of solutions and opportunities to preserve the Bay.

Program Details

Our work is focused in the following areas and partnerships are key to our success: ❖ Environmental Education: Our Education Programs get students of all ages outdoors and connected with nature through hands-on STEM curriculum helping to inspire youth to become the future stewards of the Bay. We provide science-based environmental education focused on the Bay to thousands of students in the Houston-Galveston area each year. The goal is to develop a knowledgeable constituency, ranging from children to public officials, that recognizes the quality-of-life benefits that a healthy Bay system provides for the region.
❖ Habitat Restoration & Protection: Our Habitat Restoration & Protection Programs work to ensure healthy habitats for productive and sustainable populations of native species. The work focuses on shoreline protection, wetlands, oyster reefs, and removal of marine debris. Erosion and other factors can harm and degrade our natural Galveston Bay habitat. By prioritizing programs that restore and protect our shorelines, remove potentially toxic substances from our waters, and reintroduce lost habitats, we can help keep Galveston Bay a healthy and productive place for generations to come.
❖ Land Conservation & Stewardship: Our Land Conservation & Stewardship Programs focus on the acquisition and management of priority lands around the Bay area that are valuable for habitat or water quality. As a nationally accredited land trust, GBF owns or holds conservation easements on 8,000+ acres of land around the Bay to ensure it is conserved in perpetuity. But conservation is more than just acres preserved – it can be a solution for challenges faced by families and communities adding overall quality of life and improving community resilience against coastal challenges. Conserved land provides clean water, recreational opportunities, scenic beauty, a refuge for wildlife, and ensures a vibrant agricultural future.
❖ Water Quality & Quantity: Our Water Programs aim to keep the Bay fishable and swimmable. This is accomplished through a variety of campaigns, workshops, and tools all aimed at improving water quality and/or conserving water to ensure ample freshwater inflows for Galveston Bay.
❖ Advocacy: Our Advocacy Program works to protect the health and well-being of the Bay. We take an inclusive and collaborative approach and work closely with all stakeholders including elected officials, community, and business leaders, as well as policy and decision-makers. We are also engaged in discussions and planning on improving coastal resiliency and advocating for the allocation of research dollars to improve the health of the Bay.
❖ Research: Our research initiatives monitor some of the Bay’s most valuable coastal resources. Several programs utilize trained citizen scientists to augment professional monitoring data and aid in watershed planning. Current programs include our Water Monitoring Team and the Galveston Bay Dolphin Research and Conservation Program.
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