Futaleufu Riverkeeper


Mission Statement

“Contribute to the protection of free flowing rivers and inspire conservation awareness, foster the harmonious coexistence of all beings of the Futaleufú watershed and become a strong support organization to strenghten communities of Patagonia”.


Futaleufú Riverkeeper Foundation is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Futaleufú watershed and its communities.
Our field of action are the rivers and waterways of Patagonia, especially the Yelcho Binational watershed.
Our team is integrated by people from different places who love rivers and nature, who work hard to protect it and live with the strong conviction that we cohabit this planet with a larger and biodiverse community.
We monitor the basin and we are alert to any intervention that negatively affects the health of the watershed, we denounce, mobilize and take actions to avoid and face these impacts. We generate information that contributes to the reinforcement and promotion of public policies that protect the rights of rivers and communities. We firmly believe in a world where people have the right to participate in the decisions that affect their lives.
Our work is based on three main core programs:
- Monitoring of Water
- Strengthening the environmental and social fabric
- Sustainable developent and conservation
Futaleufú Riverkeeper Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2012, member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, which is an international network of clean water defenders, who work around the world to protect the water courses of our planet and our fundamental right to a pollution free environment.
We are located in Futaleufú, in Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by mountains, rivers, valleys and ancient forests.

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Piloto Carmona 745
Futaleufu, Los Lagos 5870000
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