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Mission Statement

A driving force to curb the worldwide climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis, Tompkins Conservation Chile protects, rewilds, and defends land and marine ecosystems in the Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia through collaborating to create national parks and rewilding key species. Our goal is to restore a healthy planet with big, wild, and connected landscapes where animals and plants can thrive. This also means helping to build robust communities that benefit from a healthy natural world.


Chile, stretching from Antarctic waters in the south to the Atacama Desert in the north, contains some of the most varied and interesting terrain on Earth. In the 1990s Douglas and Kristine Tompkins began developing large-scale conservation projects in Chilean Patagonia, recognizing the region’s exceptional beauty and conservation potential. In the decades since, Tompkins Conservation Chile has helped create seven new national parks and expand three others, propelling the vision of the Route of Parks of Patagonia, and has led rewilding efforts to protect endangered species such as the huemul deer.

Program Details

Collaborating with public and private partners, we have helped to create 7 national parks, and expand 3 others, protecting 11.5 million acres and propelling the vision of the Route of Parks of Chilean Patagonia. This 1,700-mile journey crosses one third of Chile and it’s a hotspot for endemism and biodiversity. Every acre we protect sequesters carbon and contributes towards mitigating the climate crisis.
As we face the greatest global biodiversity crisis in our human history, the need for large- scale ecological recovery has become more urgent than ever. The main goal of our Rewilding Program at Southern Chile is to increase the number, range and resiliency of threatened species, and reestablish their natural corridors. Since 2005 our team has worked to monitor and protect iconic species in Chilean Patagonia including the endangered huemul, puma, Darwin’s rhea, Andean cóndor, vizcacha, Geoffroy’s cat, and pampas cat.
Conservation is most successful when individuals and communities are engaged and empowered. We build partnerships with communities, organizations, and governments and work to foster an economic vitality that is inextricably linked to a healthy natural world. For over 25 years our team has proudly defended nature and seeks to spark activism in others.
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Climate Change
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