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Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote a comprehensive management of our coastal areas, with a focus on the preservation of breaks suitable for sports and to promote sustainable development of local communities. 


Our proposal is based on the need to scale up biodiversity and coastal conservation of the Mediterranean central coast of Chile in a context of a need to enhance representativeness of different ecosystems and to develop new conservation models to improve effectiveness and enforcement of marine conservation efforts, through using TURF-Surf model. Additionally, to the rich marine biodiversity and the importance of this Mediterranean ecoregion, the innovation made by this proposal is to demonstrate that surf breaks might be recognized as one of the objects of conservation using the Marine Sanctuary legal framework. The physical characteristics of the surf breaks by assessing its bathymetry, geological and oceanographic conditions would demonstrate that these sites are natural formations that provide cultural ecosystems to local communities, and its conservation and management need to be recognized as interest for the state. 
Furthermore, the traditional local knowledge of the coastal local community has allowed translating in management techniques that are still successful (obtained from a socio-cultural characterization performed by Fundación Rompientes during 2018, data not publicly available). These communities are stewards of a noticeable cultural identity, consisting on specific practices and uses of their space and environment, practices that this proposal aims to be assess and recognize. 

Program Details

Create the Marine Natural Sanctuary “Piedra del Viento” which will be presented to the end of November 2019. Additionally, further research and studies will be necessary to conducted and present a proper management plan that allows this MPA to increase the effectiveness, enforcement and governance.
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