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Mission Statement

PlastiCo. Project's mission is to contribute to the conservation of planet earth by fighting plastic pollution and give the world alternatives to break free from plastic in the global south.


PlastiCo. Project is an environmental NGO fighting plastic pollution in Ecuador, South America. They promote the reduction and eradication of single use plastics and the implementation of zero waste models at various scales. Our work is executed under three main pillars: education and research, strategic zero waste advisory and sustainable consumption and production.

Program Details

PlastiCo. Project has various projects, among them the following:
Yo Limpio Ecuador/I Clean Ecuador : the organization organizes nation-wide cleanups, where they collect plastic waste characterization data and educate participants about plastic pollution issues. Local Environmental authorities have used their data to develop policy and regulations to reduce single use plastics.
Suyana Tienda Zero Waste / Suyana Zero Waste Shop: PlastiCo. Project manages a zero-waste shop, where they promote local eco-products as an alternative to single-use plastics. They use this space to organize workshops and talks to educate people on zero-waste lifestyles.
Campaña Sin Sorbete Por Favor / No Straw Please Campaign: the organization promotes this campaign in restaurants, hotels, bars and coffee shops, educating owners, employees and costumers of each business on zero waste culture and giving them alternatives to stop using plastic straws.
Guia Zero Waste del Ecuador / Ecuador Zero Waste Guide: PlastiCo. Project is building the first zero waste guide as a tool for people that are willing to change their habits but are not sure how to start yet.
No Mas Plastico Tour / No More Plastic Tour: the organization is looking forward to spand their impact to those areas that are far aways from urban areas and where environmental education is almost not existante to share with the most vulnerable comunities their knowledge and experience on fighting plastic pollution.
Primary Issue
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Climate Change
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