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Mission Statement

To promote the transformation of an under-used, neglected, publicly-owned property into a regional asset that provides open space and recreational opportunities, and improved access to both, while demonstrating Portland's and Oregon's commitment to sustainability -- and to participate in the operation and management of the site, once developed.


This community-initiated project in Portland, Oregon, started in 2005 -- to convert about 20 acres of under-used right-of-way into a park -- in a part of the city htat is inhabited by many people of color, low-income residents, and recent immigrants AND that is extremely park deficient. The first decade of work focused on acquisition of the land (Portland Parks & Recreation purchased it from the Oregon Department of Transportation) and fundraising. Phase 1 construction was completed in June 2017; Phase 2 construction started in March 2020. The park development includes enhancement of a 10-acre wooded area. Because the property is land-locked (between two interstate highways), one of the challenges has been to provide access for emergency vehicles and construction/maintenance vehicles. Park users access the park by foot or by bike via a major multi-use trail that forms one boundary of the park.

Program Details

At this time, we are working with Portland Parks & Recreation and other partners to develope most of the park., with a goal of re-opening the park by the end of 2020. This includes working with the local transit authority to incorporate fire truck and ambulance access to the park while they are constructing a new light rail overpass at the south end of the park. We are also fundraising to build a second pumptrack where young children can learn bike handling skills in a safe, fun setting. Once the park is ready for use, there will be opportunities (lessons and free riding) to hone bike skills, running events, environmental education, nature art classes and more.
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