Förderverein Energietal Toggenburg



On our Way to a Self-Sufficient Energy Valley
The energietal toggenburg Association (energy valley) supports both the development of local and low-CO2 emission energy production as well as efficient energy consumption. Two visionary goals have been of paramount importance since its formation in 2009:
- By 2034, Toggenburg will be a self-sufficient energy region, producing just as much energy as the valley itself uses.
- By 2059, community members will live in a 2000-Watt society of sustainable, economic development with regional added value.
The association views its philosophy as the ideal opportunity to unite Toggenburg with one common vision – a sustainable energy future. Individuals, businesses and the public sector are collectively engaged to reach these goals. With its engagement, the energy valley is making its contribution to the implementation of the 2050 Swiss Energy Strategy while also setting an example for the rest of Switzerland, as established by the Swiss Solar Prize received in 2014 and the Swiss Climate Prize 2016.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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