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Fish for Garbage is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the State of Utah and is dedicated to the conservation and protection of waterways and watersheds.
Originally formed in 2015 by a group of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, the organization grew out of a mindset to remove litter and provide a legacy of clean water for the next generation. Initially, we began noticing a significant amount of trash littering stream banks and shorelines of popular fishing destinations. By encouraging anglers to fill their net with garbage when walking out of a fishing destination, we were able to have conversations to generate awareness. The organization has grown from these small acts of stewardship to hosting localized events that clean heavily used waterways and encouraging youth to take responsibility for their own watershed.

Mission Statement

Fish for Garbage provides opportunities for civic engagement and stewardship of waterways by hosting cleanups, educating about the harmful effects of riparian trash as pollution, and demonstrating the need for healthy ecosystem services.

Program Details

Fish for Garbage offers two programs: Waterway Cleanups and the Watershed Education Program. The organization provides direct service opportunities in the form of waterway cleanups to engage communities in participatory action and stewardship of places we care about and recreate in. Additionally, Fish for Garbage delivers a bioregional education program designed to help youth understand watershed health and management, explore sustainability and STEM-related careers, and design solutions to human-caused negative effects on watershed ecology. The organization also strongly believes that collectively and through partnerships and strategic alliances, we can make a big difference together.
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