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Mission Statement

Feedback is a UK-based campaign group that regenerates nature by transforming the food system. We believe that securing nutritious, delicious food for all should go hand in hand with protecting our environment. We want to see a world in which human activity replenishes rather than degrades the natural environment and sustains people on a fair basis.


We are driving change through a unique campaign style geared towards engaging and mobilising citizens, changing business practices and transforming markets, and updating out-dated policy frameworks. Indeed, we believe the transition to a food system in which resources, food and nutrients are used sustainably, providing secure and nutritious food while regenerating nature, will require changes in three main arenas: culture, markets and government.
To achieve outcomes beyond discrete initiatives and in order to effect systemic change, we seek to upscale, support the replication of, and widely disseminate the findings of our work to a broad and diverse audience. We also seek to meet and address our critics and anchor and legitimise our work in dominant institutions and legal frameworks. We are successful in our work when we can point to how we have moved beyond any specific project to wider cultural, economic or legal change.
We challenge power, catalyse action and empower people to achieve positive change. We expose systemic problems that have led to unsustainable use of resources within the food system. We act as critical advisors to industry and policymakers or, when more appropriate, we launch creative campaigns to achieve change. We build coalitions with other civil society groups, mobilising activists around our agenda. Free public feasts are a key way in which we support the growth of diverse movements of citizens on food issues. We also use volunteering as a further opportunity for the public, especially young people, to ‘be the change’. We are proud of our ability to reach people from all walks of life, including those for whom engagement with our work is their first experience of environmental campaigning.
When solutions cannot be achieved with changes to current organisations, models and practices, we roll up our sleeves and pilot alternatives – be it through gleaning or anchoring new community food enterprises. Through these pilots, we demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of a new food economy. We enable replication of our success around the globe through training, toolkits and engaging with citizens and civil society allies far and wide.

Program Details

We have developed a suite of campaigns, programmes and events that support the necessary, urgent transition to a sustainable food system in furtherance of our charitable objects. These are arranged around five specific issues in the food system and three cross-cutting, over-arching themes.
The five specific issues include:
1) Food Waste
  • Past It?: Our campaign for accurate date labelling to prevent the generation of food waste in the home.
  • Waste in the Supply Chain: Our campaign to prevent food waste on farms linked to trading practices and market structures.
  • Feeding the 5000: Our flagship, high-profile events to catalyse citizens and cross-sectoral action on food waste.
  • Supermarkets Scorecard: Our campaign to hold supermarkets to account for the waste they drive from farm to fork.
2) Industrial Meat and Dairy
  • The Pig Idea: Our campaign to curb deforestation by overturning the ban on feeding food waste to pigs.
  • The Cow in the Room: Our campaign for the inclusion of reductions in meat and dairy production and consumption in climate change targets.
  • Total Bull: Our campaign to end misleading labels that mask the reality of industrial meat and dairy production.
  • The End of Big Livestock: Our emerging campaign to shrink Big Livestock through calling for divestment and cessation of lending to the industry.
3) Farmed Fish
  • Fishy Business: Our campaign to improve the sustainability of farmed fish, especially Scottish salmon, through changing fish feed.
4) British Sugar
  • Too Much of a Bad Thing: Our campaign to stem soil depletion in the UK and improve health by reducing the amount of land devoted to sugar beet cultivation.
5) Anaerobic Digestion
  • Indigestible: Our campaign to avoid the use of land, animal rearing and surplus food for energy generation by reforming the policies that shape the anaerobic digestion industry.
We have three overarching themes guiding our work:
1) Food Commons
  • Gleaning Network UK: Our programme to engage people in environmental issues and build community ties through volunteer days recovering surplus fruit and vegetables from farms for charitable redistribution.
  • Food Feasts: Our events to build community and food citizenship through communal food preparation and consumption.
2) New Food Economies
  • The Alchemic Kitchen: Our programme piloting a new food community-anchored social enterprise in the North West.
3) Food Citizenship
  • Growing Food Citizens: Our educational programme seeking to foster individual agency and action in the food system in Buckinghamshire and elsewhere.
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