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Mission Statement

To empower youth and families to regenerate health: food, farming, nature and community.


On our organic farm youth learn to grow and prepare healthy, plant based foods from the field to the table. Working with the kids and families in nine hands on programs including summer camps and field trips, we provide a year-round opportunities for people of all ages to learn about and participte in a sustainable food system.

Program Details

Farm Field Trips & Tours
Our field trips offer a variety of hands-on, experiential, multi-sensory learning experiences for school (and other) groups. Students are immersed in the seasonal work of the farm. We teach grade-level science concepts linked to in-school curricula and state standards, as well as “eat a rainbow” nutrition. We emphasize a “seed to mouth” or “field to fork” full circle understanding of sustainable food production. We strive to share an ethic of environmental stewardship, which is exemplified in our organic farming practices and on-farm environmental conservation projects.
Fall & Spring Field Trips
  • In the Fall, students learn about the life cycle of apple trees, harvest apples, and make cider on a small hand-crank cider press.
  • In the Spring, students learn about life cycles and ecology, reproduction, plant seeds, and taste the first strawberries of the season.
Fall & Spring Tours
  • Wee Ones is a monthly farm tour and tasting event for new mothers and infants 0-3 years old. The goal of the program is to simply give infants a place and time to experience nature - to smell, see, taste, touch, and hear all this organic farm and its wild spaces has to offer. In this way, we set the stage for our children to develop their own healthy relationships with nature and food.
  • Small Farmers offers a monthly farm tour and tasting event for preschool aged children andtheir caregivers. This program is a two-hour extended version of the Wee Ones program.
Summer Farm Camps
  • Art on the Farm combines science and art, this camp is a week long, full day exploration of the wonders of nature through farming and artistic expression. Activities may include printing from natural materials, musical instrument making, working in the education demonstration garden, cheese making, or felting.
  • Sprouts - The youngest campers, 3-6 years old, explore the farm through the five senses, learning to love getting dirty, eating fresh picked produce, and playing with the farm animals.
  • Young Farmers - Campers spend the week learning about farming, food preparation, and preservation throughhands-on activities in our fields, Discovery Garden, and kitchen classroom. All participants, whether they love food or never let a leafy green cross their lips, enjoy exploring the processes of creating healthy and tasty meals beginning with a seed.
  • Fields & Meals Camp for Teens - Teens 11- 16 years old develop self reliance. Youth spend the whole day on the farm learning to grow food, then bringing it to the kitchen to prepare healthy snacks, beverages and meals to share with their families upon returning home in the evening.
Teen Opportunties
  • Leaders in Training - This teen leadership-training program works to prepare teens to successfully enter the job market. Teens learn community building, program assessment, cooking, farming, and teaching skills, while taking charge a small group of younger campers for a week.
  • Junior Staff - Two full time, summer jobs for graduates of our Leader in Training program or Food What?! spring internship. Teens develop job readiness, and leadership skills, hone their culinary, and farming knowledge while mentoring less experienced youth LITs and campers.

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