Mission Statement

We’re on a mission to help people understand the true problem of ocean plastic pollution, so they can use their skills to solve it from sea to source. 


eXXpedition – led by ocean advocate and skipper Emily Penn – was founded in 2014 to shift the way people feel, think and act by empowering multidisciplinary all-female crews on board sailing expeditions around the world to conduct scientific research, explore solutions and understand how their unique skill sets can intersect the issue.
Our aims are to:
SUPPORT SOLUTIONS SCIENCE by contributing to world-class scientific studies that are urgently needed to inform up-stream solutions and close the loop on plastic waste on land
SHIFT PERCEPTIONS by using our platform to inform and educate so that people can better understand the real problem of micro-plastics and use that to shape actions and solutions
CREATE A COMMUNITY by empowering our network of inspiring leaders to create shifts in their community and beyond in order to tackle plastic pollution back on dry land

Program Details

In 2019, we embarked on our most ambitious mission yet.
3 years. 30 voyages. 300 women.
eXXpedition Round the World is an all-female sailing voyage and research mission circumnavigating the globe. Over 38,000 nautical miles and 30 voyage legs starting and ending in the United Kingdom. On board S.V. TravelEdge, eXXpedition crews will explore plastics and toxics in our ocean, via four of the five oceanic gyres and the Arctic. 
Back on land, these women from different nationalities and industries will each use their unique skill sets to help stop the tap on plastic pollution.
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