Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance


Mission Statement

To create, maintain, and protect sustainable mountain biking opportunities in Washington.


Created in 1989 as the Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club (BBTC), as a grassroots solution to local trail networks closing to riders in the Puget Sound region of Washington. BBTC became "Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance" in the early 2000's to address the growth of the sport around the state and the demand from other regions for help. In this time Evergreen has excelled in its mission "to create, maintain, and protect sustainable mountain biking opportunities in Washington."
Evergreen works colaboratively with riders, land managers and communities across Washington to achieve its mission. Evergreen operates through Eight Regional Chapters (2019), supported by 6,000 members and over 30,000 social media followers. Evergreen is internationally known for developing world class trails, collaboration with land managers, energizing local communities, delivering quality trail projects, and effectively advocating for trail access and public lands to benefit all users.
Our work is highlighted by projects like the "Colonnade" built under the elevated I-5 freeway in Seattle in the mid 2000's, the award-winning Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park built in partnership with King County Parks in 2010, the Raging River, Tiger Mountain and Olalie State Park trail systems along the 1-90 cooridor east of Seattle, and the re-vitalization of Squilchuck State Park in Wenatchee over the last 10 years.
For 30 years Evergreen members have worked to build and maintain hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails each year providing more that 28,000 hours of volunteer labor annually.

Our Vision

Make Washington one of the best places in the country to ride a mountain bike. Here's how:
  1. Working with landowners and land managers to create and ensure access to trails
  2. Donating thousands of trail building and trail maintenance hours to make sure we always have stellar trails open to ride
  3. Educating mountain bikers through rider skills classes and trail building clinics so we can grow our voice and power to get more done
  4. Getting more kids out riding via our classes and education program
  5. Offering events, races and club rides to help mountain bikers get together and get out to ride!

Our History

In 1988 several mountain bicyclists joined together in response to trail closures that were rapidly occurring in the Northwest. This group, originally called Concerned Off Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA), officially incorporated with Washington State as a non-profit in April 1989. By the spring of 1990 another mountain bike group had formed, the Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club (BBTC), which was also working on mountain bike access issues. By June 1990 these two groups merged and adopted the latter name. In 2008 BBTC was renamed Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.
Originally oriented towards political advocacy, the organization expanded over the years to include education and recreation opportunities. Thousands of riders have acquired trail maintenance skills, responsible riding techniques, and trail safety knowledge through the trailwork parties, classes, communications and group rides offered year-round.
As an organization, we are proud of our successful shift from a reactive stance, fighting for public trail access, to a proactive approach geared towards building positive, cooperative relationships with federal agencies, public and private land managers, environmental organizations and other trail user groups – all while consistently taking care of the trails we ride on!

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Climate Change
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