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Mission Statement

EuroNatur - connecting nature and people
We are committed to connecting nature and people in a peaceful Europe – beyond national borders. Our donors support us in this endeavour.
The growth-oriented way we lead our lives and run our economies at this point in history is characterized by ruthless exploitation of natural resources and has resulted in the pervasive destruction of nature as well as in drastic climate change. People all around the world are feeling the resultant adverse effects.
Nature is the natural resource base on which all humans depend. Species and habitat diversity are prerequisites of a quality environment. Our aim is a Europe that hosts free-flowing rivers, pristine forests and diverse cultural landscapes and that offers sufficient space for wild animals and migrating birds within these and other ecosystems.
Our efforts for the protection of plants, animals and habitats are transboundary in nature; we strengthen local conservation organizations and create international networks between them. Together with our Europe-wide partner network we create solutions that allow humans to live and work in harmony with nature.


EuroNatur is a charitable foundation which was founded in 1987 by BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), NABU (the longest-established nature and biodiversity conservation association of Germany) and DUH (German Environmental Aid). It is based in Radolfzell and is legally, organisationally and financially independent, autonomous and not affiliated to any political party.
What do we mean when we say “transboundary conservation”?
What good would it do if we managed to protect the lapwing in Germany, only for them to be shot down on their way between their summer and wintering grounds? To protect migratory birds not only in their breeding areas but to also safeguard the areas in which they overwinter and rest on their migrations was one of the most important objectives when EuroNatur Foundation was established. More than in perhaps any other organization, our project activities are focused on transboundary conservation of nature in Europe. As an internationally active conservation foundation, we have made it our mission to preserve European natural heritage in all its diversity and to protect precious natural and cultural landscapes in Europe. EuroNatur is an organization committed to overcome the many national borders in Europe in positive terms and to enable the conservation of nature at the continental level.
Why are our partners in conservation so important to us?
Nature knows no borders. EuroNatur engages in the transboundary protection of wildlife such as wolves, brown bears, lynx, monk seals, migratory birds and their habitats in Europe. This is only achievable in conjunction with a network of reliable and competent partners in conservation. We bring into contact scientists, conservationists, farmers, politicians and businesspeople from different countries in Europe. Especially in our conservation projects on the Balkan Peninsula, people from countries that in the past had regarded each other as enemies are being brought together. Nature conservation thus offers new opportunities for communication and the exchange of experiences across national borders. Our local partners contribute their valuable knowledge on conditions in their own countries, their contacts and experiences. In turn, we provide financial and technical support to our partners in conservation. As an international foundation that is active across Europe, we help small conservation organizations to gain more acceptance with the public in their own countries and also make sure that they get heard by their governments. Our aim is a powerful network committed to protecting our European natural heritage.
“Connecting nature and people” – what does that mean?
In the EuroNatur project areas, we create ecologically compatible perspectives together with the local people (for example by establishing structures for nature-based tourism, birdwatching, regional marketing of products etc.). We support sustainable rural development and work closely together with all stakeholders, from farmers to consumers. With its practical projects, EuroNatur demonstrates how sustainable rural development protects nature and provides local people with employment and quality-of-life. EuroNatur takes a grassroots approach and generates acceptance and awareness for nature conservation rather than imposing concepts and short-lived projects on local communities only to leave the areas to their own devices thereafter. We cultivate long-term relationships, and our aim are long-term achievements. In many project regions we can rely on connections cultivated over many years. This helps us to partner with local communities in aid of our conservation objectives and creates the foundations necessary for the long-term effectiveness of our efforts.

Program Details

What we do
Nature is at the root of all human life. A variety of species and habitats is vital for a healthy environment. This is why the EuroNatur Foundation is campaigning together with its partners for a Europe with free-flowing rivers, ancient forests and a rich variety of cultural landscapes.
Species conservation
EuroNatur is working for the protection of Europe’s large mammals, migratory birds like cranes and storks, and the highly endangered Mediterranean monk seal – across national borders. We want to lay the foundations for brown bears, wolves and lynxes to return to their former habitats, and raise awareness and acceptance among the people in these areas. Our foundation is fighting for undamaged and safe resting sites along the flyways of migratory birds, so they can calmly recover from the stresses and strains of their long journey. In all of its species conservation projects, EuroNatur cooperates with local partners to develop solutions that offer a perspective for both man and nature. This is the only way to achieve lasting success of nature conservation measures.
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Together with our partner organisations we are running different campaigns for the protection of precious natural treasures in Europe.
International campaign "Save the Blue Heart of Europe" for the protection of the rivers in the Balkans
Many of the Balkan rivers represent the most species-rich and untouched habitats in Europe. Yet in the next few years, nearly 3000 hydroelectric power plants are to be built there. Not even the national parks will be spared. With their campaign “Save the Blue Heart of Europe", EuroNatur and Riverwatch, together with their partner organizations and inhabitants, are fighting to save this unique natural and cultural heritage.
International campaign "Save Paradise Forests" for the preservation of the primeval forests in the Romanian Carpathians
It is not only in Brazil or Indonesia that they are to be found, but also in the heart of Europe: untouched, species-rich virgin forests. It is above all in Romania that large areas of this primeval forest have survived. EuroNatur and the Romanian organization Agent Green are fighting against its rapid destruction.
International campaign "Save Salina" for the protection of the Ulcinj Salina in Montenegro as one of the most extensive remaining wetlands in the Eastern Adriatic
Preservation of the European Green Belt: The Green Belt stretches over 12.500 kilometres, and is a corridor of habitats of exceptional species diversity along the line of the former Iron Curtain, running from the very north of Europe down to the Black Sea in the south. This fascinating project to convert the former border strip into a Green Belt is now gradually becoming reality.
EuroNatur Award
The EuroNatur Award for Environmental Excellence was awarded for the first time in 1992. Several outstanding public figures have been honored for their private, social, economic or political activities in the field of nature conservation. Previous winners include Jonathan Franzen, Dr. Luc Hoffmann, Dr. Mario F. Broggi, Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer and Gudrun Steinacker. The EuroNatur Award is a non-monetary award which honors outstanding achievements in nature conservation.
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