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Voters don't prioritize environmental issues, so it's really hard to convince policy-makers to prioritize them (no matter who wins an election). The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) is a non-partisan nonprofit that's focusing on a simple, high-leverage solution to this problem: instead of trying to convince voters to care more about the environment, we (1) use data analytics to identify existing environmentalists who don't vote, and then (2) apply cutting-edge behavioral science to turn them into consistent voters. In short, we focus on changing people's habits, rather than trying to change their minds. EVP has identified 15.78 million environmentalists with such poor voting records that other groups usually ignore them, but we've had stunning success in getting these people to vote, increasing turnout by 5% per election and as much as 12% over the course of an entire year. We're currently operating in CO, FL, GA, MA, NV, and PA, and we've identified an additional 15 states that have huge populations of these non-voting environmentalists. We're confident that EVP can create overwhelming demand for environmental leadership in these states once we're brought to scale.
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Climate Change
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