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Mission Statement

Every day vulnerable people are stripped of their rights, freedom and identity. They are victims of the environmental destruction being inflicted on our shared planet.
Driven by our core values of integrity, innovation and impact, EJF uses investigations and film to uncover these environmental and human rights abuses. We work for environmental justice, to protect the natural environment and the people and wildlife that depend upon it. Environmental security is a basic human right, and we go to the ends of the earth to defend people and planet.


At EJF, we know that films and photographs can and do change the world. We use video, alongside new technologies, to document threats to environmental security and human rights.
Producing hard-hitting reports and investigations, we target decision makers and work to change laws and policies with a positive impact for people and planet.
By combining our investigations with bespoke training and community support we also help to build local capacity, give a voice to new environmental defenders and strengthen the global call for change.
We’ve exposed state-sponsored forced child labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton fields; secured protection for unique coastal forests in Brazil; provided irrefutable evidence of pirate fishing in West Africa; uncovered the modern-day slavery propping up Thailand’s seafood sector; and gathered powerful first-hand testimonials from those living on the frontlines of climate change.

Program Details

EJF’s campaigns run across five key areas: oceans, climate, wildlife and biodiversity, cotton, and forests.
Oceans – protecting marine environments, biodiversity and livelihoods. We combat illegal fishing worldwide, for the good of ocean environments and the communities who depend on them. We tackle the associated exploitation of fishers who face human rights abuses at sea. Our ocean defenders work with local communities to protect marine wildlife through projects ranging from shark, ray and turtle conservation to recycling deadly 'ghost nets' into sustainable products.
Climate – securing international protection for climate refugees. EJF is campaigning for governments to recognise climate refugees and support a new legal agreement to secure their rights. We call for corporate and individual action on cutting carbon emissions, and champion renewable energy solutions.
Cotton – eradicating the environmental and human rights abuses associated with ‘white gold’, the world's dirtiest crop. We continue to investigate worst-practice cotton producers, to research and protest fast fashion, and build consumer and retailer awareness of the benefits of organic cotton.
Wildlife and biodiversity - calling for an end to wildlife markets. Wildlife markets are responsible for diseases like Covid-19, badly affect wild populations of many animals, and are arenas of extreme animal cruelty. Additionally, wildlife populations are being decimated and rangers murdered by profiteers. The disruption to lives, economies and human health alongside the suffering and destruction are immense and need to be curbed. We are campaigning to shut them down once and for all.
Forests – demanding an end to deforestation for the survival of wildlife and people. EJF is fighting the destruction of forests for palm oil, holding policymakers to account for the sake of climate security, and exposing the suffering of people and wildlife in precious rainforests. We work to protect mangrove habitats, which are vital to wildlife and to humans for flood protection, livelihoods and food security.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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