Endeavour Centre for Innovative Learning Building & Living



Our Mission:
We endeavour to regenerate built environments into places that are inspiring, healthy, ecologically appropriate and affordable through efforts in education, research and innovative design and construction.
Our Activities:
We provide experiential education at the intersection of high-performance and natural building, where energy efficiency meets healthy and climate-friendly materials and practices. Students learn by participating in real-world building projects that meet the highest standards of green building. Our educational programming ranges from a full-time certificate program in Sustainable Building and Design to one-day workshops on specific materials and strategies.
We research, test and develop new building materials and strategies and incorporate these into our educational building projects, sharing our results in an open-source manner.
We provide research on buildings and climate change and are leading advocates of carbon-storing building materials that transform the built environment into a global carbon sink through our Builders for Climate Action initiative.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
910 High st Unit 14
Peterborough, null K9J5R2
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