• To offer food aid based on financial participation and the involvement of people by setting up personal projects.
• Foster social ties, solidarity and the sharing of know-how. To enhance skills, to fight against isolation and to support each person, allowing him to remain an actor in his life.
• To offer a workspace open to local actors working in the field of prevention and integration.
• To enhance and protect the urban environment, to support and promote local and organic farming.

Mission Statement

Program Details

ELLSA is holding an ambitious economic circular project : Integraterre.
The target is to recreate the vital link between people, their environment and a fair food in the town.
It started in 2018 and takes place in Achères, in the western suburbs of Paris.
On a land of 15 ares, we are deploying :
- A composting area : to make compost, we collect the vegetables peelings from school, restaurants thanks to a bicycle. Landscaper bring us leaves and branches.
- An urban farm : we are cultivating according to the permacultures principles. The soil is very poor, reason why we need compost to recreate it. Two orchads have been planted. In order to develop the biodiversity we plan to install hives and to dig a pond.
- A sales area : we want people to be able to buy seasonal and local food.
Primary Issue
3 avenue du Général de Gaulle
Achères, null 78260
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