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Elevate Nepal (EN) founders began working in Nepal shortly following the 2015 earthquake to provide relief in earthquake stricken villages.   From 2015-2019 EN focused on rebuilding damaged infrastructure with a concentration in schools, homes, and sanitation systems. 2019 Elevate Nepal expanded its work into the agriculture sector by subsidizing teachers salaries at Ananda Jyoti Agriculture School.

Mission Statement

To provide the Nepalese access to resources that allow for the responsible development of a sustainable community.

Program Details

All throughout Nepal, one can see fading cultures and traditions as young people move to the cities and abroad to seek education and employment. They feel there is no opportunity for them in their villages as Nepal is trapped between western ideology, geographical constraints, political issues, and insufficient resources and opportunities. Elevate Nepal wants to provide an income source for villagers using resources that can be locally sourced. The most vital resource Nepal has is its rich soils that lie in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. A way to combat migration and preserve mountain cultures is in the agriculture sector.
Like most places in the world, agriculture is a fading craft as people seek jobs in other sectors. Nepal is no different, and the change has been dramatic over the past years. This is witnessed first hand by Elevate Nepal Founders, Dan Maurer and Anthony Mancini, as they spend extensive time living and working on a variety of farms throughout Nepal, specifically coffee farms.
In Begnas Tal, Kaski District, a unique agriculture training school has been established by the local community. The school took years of planning primarily under the leadership of life time resident and farmer, Surya Adhikari. The school educates young Nepalis about the importance of sustainable, organic agriculture in their local community and around Nepal. The school also educates students about the economics behind agriculture and how it is a part of the global market.
As of 2020, the school is in its second year. If it can remain open for three years, it will be recognized by the Nepalese government and an application for federal funding can be made. Currently, the school is being sustained from donations and student tuition. Elevate Nepal is helping to subsidize the teachers’ salaries.

Project Dates January 2019-Present

Accomplishments 2019:

  • 38 students graduated with an agriculture certificate
  • 8 students received jobs in the agriculture sector in 3 different districts of Nepal
  • School opened a science lab
  • Acquired small plot of land to perform practical assessment

Goals 2020:

  • Acquire more land needed for practical experience
  • Recruit students outside the village of Begnas
  • Build a greenhouse for practical analysis
  • Set up a water system to provide irrigation for crops
  • Expand curriculum to include beekeeping and honey harvesting
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