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Rich in natural beauty and a strong agricultural tradition, the Eastern Sierra is steeped in the legacy of the Old West. Wildlife habitat is abundant and diverse, supporting fisheries, migrating deer herds, and important bird flyways. Historic working farms and ranches are scenic, historic, and an integral part of our local economy.
Yet today the Eastern Sierra faces a threat. Pressures to subdivide and develop are on the rise. Productive working lands and wildlife habitat are at risk of disappearing forever.
By partnering with forward-thinking landowners, agencies, and conservation supporters like you, our team at Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT) is working with our community to conserve the Eastern Sierra for the future.
Since ESLT was founded in 2001, we have built a reputation for collaboration, dedication, and perseverance. What’s more, as a nationally-accredited land trust, we hold ourselves to rigorous standards of excellence in order to uphold your trust and ensure that our conservation efforts are permanent.

Mission Statement

Eastern Sierra Land Trust works with willing landowners to protect vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historical, and watershed values.

Program Details

Our Working Farms and Ranches Program helps local families set up voluntary land conservation agreements that permanently protect their working lands from the threat of subdivision.
The Eastern Sierra’s working farms and ranches are scenic, historic, and a vital part of our regional economy. They also offer important homes to wildlife: many iconic or rare species use the Eastern Sierra’s irrigated meadows and open pastures as a place to roam, forage, and raise their young.
Yet many families following the ranching traditions of their parents and grandparents are struggling. Rising pressures to subdivide are putting these productive lands at risk. They don’t want to see their land developed, but many are running out of options.
Fortunately, conservation provides a solution – and a growing number of ranchers and farmers in our area are choosing to partner with Eastern Sierra Land Trust to conserve their land for the future.
Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s Critical Habitats Program helps protect and restore lands that wildlife need to survive – providing them with safe, healthy homes forever.
As our population grows, poorly-planned development puts wildlife at risk. Subdivision of open lands chops up migration corridors, wetlands, and breeding grounds, leaving wild creatures with nowhere to go.
Our Critical Habitats Program helps ensure that the Eastern Sierra’s wild inhabitants will always have a place to thrive. We accomplish this through public education; habitat restoration and land stewardship; and legally-binding agreements, such as the conservation easement, that protect important habitat from the threat of future development.
Concerned property owners in the Eastern Sierra are working hand-in-hand with ESLT to conserve and restore wildlife habitat on their land.
Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s Community Connections Program works to build bonds between families and the land. By getting people of all ages outdoors and educating them about the natural world, we cultivate a deep appreciation for our region and all that it offers.
Do you remember the first time you experienced nature’s magic? For many, this is a moment you’ll never forget – one that shapes you for the rest of your life.
But even in our rural area, there are many who never get the chance to explore the wild world beyond their backyards. And for conservation to last forever, this needs to change.
At Eastern Sierra Land Trust, we know that preserving the Eastern Sierra goes beyond protecting land with legal tools. By introducing people of all ages to the value of conservation and by helping them develop deep bonds with this land, you’re ensuring that the work we do today will last long into the future.
We build these bonds through:
  • Events on the Land - With assistance from conservation supporters like you, we host outdoor activities that give people of all ages the chance to experience the value of protecting the Eastern Sierra’s open lands forever. Outings such as our annual field trip to our local Mule Deer Migration Corridor, wildflower walks, birdwatching opportunities, and hands-on volunteer days get families out in nature, where they get to know the places and wildlife species that make the Eastern Sierra unique.
  • Outdoor Education - Today’s kids are the future of conservation. By supporting educational programs for young boys and girls in our area, you’re inspiring the next generation to care deeply about this land, just like you. For example, in our annual Sunflower Garden Project (pictured at right), we team up with local teachers to give kids the chance to get creative outside of the classroom and learn about the natural world.
  • Eastside Pollinator Garden Project - From wildflowers to working farms, our region relies heavily on the important service provided by pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies – and local gardeners are helping them thrive by creating certified pollinator habitats in their yards. With our Eastside Pollinator Garden Project, we provide the guidance needed to bring gardens to life.
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