The main objective of our organization is to develop citizens’ awareness and critical understanding of the interdependent world and to strengthen their active engagement with global issue and to acompany citizens towards the social, economic and green transitions.
The specific objectives are:
- to sensitize citizens, and especially young people, to the realities and challenges of migration and global warming
- to invite them to act individually and collectively to advance these issues, and to make these actions widely known
- to create favourable institutional and social environment for global development education among citizens.
Our target groups are:
- People far from any global issues educative project like in rural areas, disadvantaged or with a high rate of unemployment areas,
- Teachers and teacher trainers as well as educators,
- Decision makers, especially in the field of education,
- Inhabitants in the region where we are settled.
e-graine acts in 5 french regions (Ile-de-France, Auvergne – Rhône – Alpes, Grand Est, Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitanie) and it is in significant growth over the french territory.
Last year, our organization build awareness for 28 000 adults and children by the means of 2700 hours of educative actions.
e-graine has 200 regular voluntaries and 500 sympathising members.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
204 rue de Crimée
PARIS, null 75019
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