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Mission Statement

Do Good Shit is dedicated to implementing and maintaining environmentally friendly waste management solutions in outdoor recreation areas and their surrounding communities around the globe.


Poop is piling up in the great outdoors.
That’s right, as the population rises, culture shifts, and traffic increases in mountain recreation areas, people’s poop has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, often times people aren’t educated as to how important it is to take care of their shit and waste management infrastructure is rarely there to support them. We set out to find the most effective solutions to implement in the outdoor recreation areas that we love. First, we identify a waste management problem in a specific location, then work with local partners to develop our approach, decide what the most effective long-term solution will be, and finally we make it happen.

Program Details

Upcoming project sites:
-Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile
-El Salto climbing area, Mexico
-Tahoe Basin, California
-Khumbu Valley, Nepal
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
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