Digitize the Planet


Mission Statement

We are representing many stakeholder from outdoor sports, conservation and destinations. Our goal is to digitize all relevant regulations, including laws and local rules for the outdoor use.


Together with all stakeholders from protected areas, tourism and outdoor sports, we are able to develop a responsible relationship between our natural environment and the people, through standardized and internationally digitized rules.
Setting up the association is based on the preparatory work of three round tables that included broad participation of sports clubs, conservation bodies, destinations and leisure and tourism companies. On March 5th, 2020 we founded the Association.

Program Details

In a first Stage we want to:
  1. Creating an open dataset of law and regulations We digitize all rules and laws issued by the EU or by state and federal authorities that influence the use of nature and protected areas.
  2. Create common standards Together with all stakeholders, we will develop standards for regulating the use of wildlife areas and nature reserves.
  3. Organizing the information to reach every we work together with leading experts in the field of data management to create an efficient processable and complete open dataset
And in a second Stage we want to digitize:
  • Activity related bans
  • Closures
  • Hazards
  • Visitor occupancy rate
Primary Issue
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