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Mission Statement

Our Vision is a healthy, just, and reverent culture

Our Mission is to transform our communities through inspired action and education, which builds leadership and local self-reliance.


Daily Acts is a sustainability non-profit that inspires action to create more nourishing, connected, and resilient communities. We are helping create a tipping point in addressing the climate crisis by spreading solutions and models, strengthen community leadership, and shifting culture and policy. Our education programs, action campaigns, and strategic alliances connect people to each other and to their own power to grow food, conserve resources, build local resilience, and make a real difference through their mindful daily actions.

Program Details

Current Programs and Activities
Daily Acts plays a unique role as a systems change catalyst within our political, cultural, and environmental ecosystem. We are highly collaborative, acting as a bridge-builder between diverse sectors and issues by partnering with over 100 organizations per year to strengthen our collective impact. We have been able to achieve a great deal on a modest budget, with a small but mighty team and a lot of great partners. Our current programs include:
Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities
Our goal with this 10-month program is to offer the inspiration, skills, and support to strengthen participants’ leadership in addressing our climate crisis, escalating historical inequalities, and growing disconnection from self, community, and nature. We carefully select 20-24 leaders from local and regional nonprofits, governments and businesses who represent a diverse set of skills, passions, life experiences and ages. We design our program around Movement Generation’s Just Transition framework and integrate key elements from staff’s experience going through The Rockwood Leadership, Leadership for Equity and Opportunity, Center for Mind Body Medicine and other leadership trainings. In addition to the training program, we convene the Leadership Fellows Network throughout the year, creating space to come together to connect and continue to learn.
Civic Partnerships
Over the last 12 years, Daily Acts has partnered with local agencies including the Cities of Cotati, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and the Town of Windsor, to provide water conservation and stormwater education and outreach to residents. Through sustainability tours and workshops, community education and events, and model water-wise demonstration gardens, we directly address the root issue of sustained behavior change that is required to ensure ongoing resource conservation. Our programs activate local citizens, support leaders and strengthen communities through use of inspiring educational models. Daily Acts takes a holistic approach by providing practical hands on experience, accessible ‘Do-It-Yourself’ solutions and supportive follow-up to foster and build community around sustainable practices. Through model site installation we have seen a ripple effect of environmental stewardship and neighborly connection across the community, resulting in savings of 20 million gallons of water per year.
Additionally, we have formed regional partnerships through the Bay Area’s Integrated Regional Water Management Plan to support community members in the Southern Sonoma and Russian River Watersheds. Working in partnership with the City of Petaluma, Sonoma Ecology Center and the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, we are part of the Disadvantaged Communities Program, designed to empower and support low-income residents while addressing stormwater issues in Petaluma. In 2020 Daily Acts will be partnering with Sonoma Water and the Goldridge Resource Conservation District to support fire survivors through the installation of rain catchment systems in northern Sonoma County.
Environmental Health
Daily Acts’ Environmental Health Program empowers community action through community-based education and outreach in Sonoma County. We cultivate a network of environmental health organizations and individuals who engage in the intersectionality of health and environment while promoting healthier, more resilient, and safer communities. We provide hands-on environmental health and toxicant education and outreach, network collaboration, event coordination, and organizational oversight for the Sonoma County Environmental Health Collaborative project.
Our work focuses on evidence-based, solutions-oriented education and outreach specific to the environments in which children live, learn, and play. Our approach to child-centric environmental health awareness is to engage parents, guardians, educators, caretakers, and policy makers in environmental health educational workshops and events. To expand our impact, we collaborate with Families Advocating for Chemical and Toxic Safety (FACTS) a project of the Center for Environmental Health, Sonoma County Conservation Action’s (SCCA) Toxic Free Futures Campaign, North Bay Organizing Project, Corazon Healdsburg, Sonoma State University’s School of Education’s California Global Education Project, San Francisco University’s Health Science Department’s Master of Public Health Program, and the Sonoma Community Resilience Collaborative.
Sonoma Climate Challenge
The Sonoma Climate Challenge has been the exciting culmination of 10 years of the Community Resilience Challenge (CRC). The CRC is an annual springtime community mobilization campaign that has inspired thousands of individuals, leaders, and groups to take action to save water, grow food, conserve energy, reduce waste and build community. Over the past nine years, 35,468 resilience building actions have been registered locally. This year, we were approached by our Regional Climate Protection Authority to support with strategy and community engagement for Sonoma Climate Challenge, a new online portal with 67 climate actions folks can take to reduce their carbon impact. We have been proud to partner with our Regional Climate Protection Authority in this effort, mobilizing towards a collective goal of signing up 500 households to take action to reduce our carbon emissions by 500 tons. As of today, we have signed up 347 households and are 30% of the way towards are carbon reduction goals. We are excited by the strong partnership with our Regional Climate Protection Authority this has ignited and see enormous potential to help them with their larger, county-wide climate action goals.
Resilient Homes Program
Daily Acts’ vision of a Resilient Home is a resource saving, waste reducing, food producing, pollution preventing, health giving, and regenerative sanctuary for its inhabitants. A resilient home nourishes self, family, community, and nature. Access to the information, skills and tools to create a resilient home should be available to all regardless of whether you rent or own your home, are living in an apartment, mobile home or a single-family home with a garden, or are low-income, middle-income or living in abundance.
To that end, the overarching goal of our Resilient Homes program is to support and facilitate the evolution of the existing informal network of resilient homes within Sonoma County into a more formalized Community Resilience Network, with local Guilds being established in each city. The purpose of this approach is to greatly accelerate the education, engagement, and empowerment of our communities by highlighting what is working right now, in order to grow more of it.
Networks and Alliances
Daily Acts takes a networked and highly collaborative approach to community transformation. We believe we can drive more change by partnering with existing networks to collectively shift culture, systems and policy. Examples of this include our recent collaboration with other nonprofits and local businesses to form Climate Action Petaluma to successfully advocate that the City of Petaluma pass an Equitable Climate Emergency Resolution, which they did this spring. Beyond local, our field-building work also includes membership on regional, state, and national initiatives, helping to spread models and influence policy. Daily Acts staff and Board sit on the following advisory groups: California Water Efficiency Partnership, Watershed Collaborative, Alternative Water Resources Working Group, Norcal Community Resilience Network, Food Systems Alliance, Sonoma County Environmental Educators Collaborative, Health Action Chapters, Rebuild Northbay Environment and Sustainability Advisory Board, Generation Housing and the Sonoma County Climate Action Advisory Board.
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Climate Change
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