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We are the largest statewide environmental organization, with over 60,000 members and counting, and offices in Denver, Grand Junction, Durango, Carbondale, and Pueblo. For over 50 years, we’ve been a recognized leader in the Colorado environmental community, working statewide at the intersection of smart policy and smart politics to ensure that our quality of life and our environment are protected. We work to bring environmental issues to the forefront of state politics, elevate conservation issues in elections, advocate at the state Capitol and in other venues, and hold elected officials accountable for their environmental records. We empower Coloradans to engage with their decision-makers and push them to advance proactive policies that fight climate change, protect our public lands, keep Colorado’s rivers healthy and flowing, and stand up for our communities to ensure all Coloradans have equitable access to a healthy environment.

Mission Statement

We work to protect Colorado’s climate, air, land, water, and communities through organizing, advocacy, and elections. 

Program Details

We are working to combat climate change, permanently protect wild lands in Colorado, and keep Colorado's drinking water clean and rivers healthy for future generations. Over the next two years, we aim to do this by:
  • Enacting nationally-leading climate policy. Over the next two years, Colorado can build a model of economy-wide climate action that puts us on the path to hit key carbon reduction targets on our way to a carbon-neutral economy. We can meet those targets if we implement strong policies now to reduce carbon pollution in key sectors like utilities, transportation, and buildings. In 2020, we will lead campaigns to support economy-wide carbon reduction solutions, including market-based mechanisms, that do not disproportionately burden low-income communities or communities of color.
  • Keeping Colorado’s outdoors wild and accessible. We’re in a race against time to pass protections for Colorado’s public lands, defend wild places from industrial development, preserve and protect wildlife, stand up for healthy rivers, and ensure all communities have access to the outdoors. It’s imperative that we establish policies to permanently protect Colorado’s most iconic public lands, balance conservation and wildlife protection with growing outdoor recreation demand, ensure equitable access to public lands and outdoor recreation for all communities, and fight back against federal attacks on public lands.
  • Elevating voices and leadership from communities disproportionately impacted by environmental injustice (e.g., low income and communities of color). We’re working to build a more equitable and inclusive environmental movement by ensuring that all of our campaigns include: 1) impacted community members are well-represented at hearings and opportunities for public comment or input; and 2) wherever possible, policies are established that specifically benefit disproportionately impacted communities.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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