Conseil Scientifique des Iles de Lérins


Mission Statement

The mission of the CSIL is to promote scientific and technical knowledge in the field of the protection and safeguarding of the Lerins Islands and Mediterranean environments.
It implements several scientific projects in partnership with research laboratories and other associations. In 2017, it launched a study on the search for drug residues on the Mediterranean coast "FROM HUMAN HEALTH TO THE HEALTH OF THE ENVIRONMENT". This project was partially subsidized, which allowed CSIL to carry out the first steps of this study without conducting it in its entirety during the 3 years necessary to confirm and guarantee the first results.
It also carries out various ecological monitoring at sea and in rivers to determine the quality of the environment and the associated biodiversity in a region where anthropogenic impacts are significant.


Since its creation in 1992, SCIL has accumulated many skills, which today allow it to continue its research and work.
In particular, it has been able to:
- carry out impact studies
- develop an environmental application on GIS: natural and urban geographic data management
- map underwater habitats
- conduct environmental quality studies using bio-markers and environmental bio-indicators
- participate in regional awareness campaigns, consultation projects

Program Details

Currently, CSIL is working on various studies:
- the detection of drug residues in coastal waters and marine organisms
- studies of chemical pollution (water, sediment, biota) in marine environments
- monitoring of protected species such as Posidonia oceanica and large mother-of-pearl
- the creation of a small booklet distributed free of charge, on good practices in drug consumption and recycling
- the creation of an educational booklet on marine environment; on the theme of innovation
- facilitation of workshops to raise awareness of the marine environment
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