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Mission Statement

Connecticut River Conservancy (formerly Connecticut River Watershed Council) is the voice for the Connecticut River watershed, from source to sea. We collaborate with partners across four states to protect and advocate for your rivers and educate and engage communities. We bring people together to prevent pollution, improve habitat, and promote enjoyment of your river and its tributary streams. Healthy rivers support healthy economies.


Since 1952, we have worked to protect your rivers from source to sea so everyone can enjoy them. Our rivers belong to all of us. We are their voice.

Program Details

CRC works to protect the Connecticut River watershed from source to sea. CRC's reasoned environmental advocacy promotes conservation through partnership and problem solving. We strive to balance human needs and the natural environment. Our work informs our vision of economic and ecological abundance.
With the help of our members, CRC seizes key opportunities to improve water quality, restore wildlife and fish habitat, and increase recreational enjoyment of the Connecticut River.
We find environmental problems and fix them, across all four river states. We run community river cleanups. We remove deadbeat dams. We plant trees. We protect and restore wildlife. We speak up on behalf of your rivers.
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