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Short presentation :
Created in 1997, the French Fair Trade Platform supports and defends Fair Trade in France and abroad, promote the adoption of sustainable production and consumption practices. The platform federates 30 members, which are the main Fair Trade stakeholders in France : committed social businesses, labels, supply networks, awareness raising grassroot organisations, development NGOs and research actors. The Platform also works for trade justice in economic relations to promote social empowerment, human rights and the protection of the environment.
More about us :
- It is a place of meeting and debate between its members to help everyone move forward common goals. It facilitates the sharing of information between its members in a spirit of solidarity network.
- It ensures the promotion of fair trade through campaigning and communication.
- It produces research and expertise to feed the strategic thinking of its membres and partners.
- It ensures representation of all its members in joint advocacy activities at national, european and international levels.
Its actions are mainly focused on:
- Developing and disseminating expertise about fair trade : economique datas, impact studies, standards etc. Raising awarenessand carrying advocacy about the necessity to adopt fair and sustainable consumption and production patterns. .
- Stregthening its members to scale up the impacts of Fair Trade, in France and abroad.
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