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Climate Neutral is an independent, non-profit organization that manages a certification for companies that choose to measure, reduce, and offset their entire Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint. Climate Neutral provides an easy, standardized path to achieving carbon neutrality. Our Climate Neutral Certified label is becoming the standard way for brands to communicate to customers that they are fully committed to taking action against climate change.

Mission Statement

Climate Neutral is creating the trusted consumer standard for corporate climate action.

Program Details

Educate companies about the benefits of reducing and offsetting GHG emissions. Climate Neutral leads a campaign focused on board members, corporate chief executive officers, vice presidents, and directors of companies of a wide range of sizes and industries. The goal of the campaign is to recruit companies to become Certified Climate Neutral.
Develop a simplified tool for estimating a company's carbon footprint. Climate Neutral is working with industry experts in the field of lifecycle analysis and GHG footprinting to develop a clear, easy-to-use carbon footprint estimation tool. The tool will be used to determine the emissions from all companies becoming certified, and will estimate Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.
Certify companies that have met the Climate Neutral standard. Climate Neutral is creating a certification process for companies that ensures that they have met the criteria required to become Certified Climate Neutral. This includes publishing and maintaining the standard, undergoing review by a group of third party experts, and providing an independent badge to certify that a company has no net GHG emissions. Climate Neutral will oversee the entire certification process and the certification itself, help companies through the certification process, and monitor companies annually for compliance with the standard.
Educate consumers about the Climate Neutral certification. Climate Neutral will educate consumers on what it means to be Certified Climate Neutral. This consumer education campaign will raise consumers’ awareness of the certification. In turn, consumers will be more likely to buy products from brands that are certified. Consumer education will create a direct financial incentive for companies to become certified.
Work collaboratively to improve carbon credit market efficiency. Purchasing carbon credits is the primary means by which companies will obtain full climate neutrality and qualify for the Certified Climate Neutral designation. Climate Neutral will help improve the efficiency of this market by (1) building large scale corporate demand, (2) participating in working groups and forums, (3) working directly with project developers.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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