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Mission Statement

Climate Central communicates climate change science, effects, and solutions to the public and decision-makers.


A proven way to inspire more people to prioritize climate change is to demonstrate how it affects their lives. Climate Central works with local media partners and other trusted voices to show geographically and ideologically diverse audiences how climate changes and solutions are already impacting their lives, livelihoods, and communities, in the US and internationally. It aims to make the integration of effective, science-backed climate content into news, social media, and other communications ubiquitous. To do so, it finds efficient ways to generate and distribute localized content through trusted channels at scale.

Program Details

Core efforts include the Program on ​Sea Level Rise​, which co-produces peer-reviewed research, interactive maps, and other visuals; Climate Matters, which​ empowers a growing network of more than a third of the nation’s broadcast meteorologists; and several initiatives to prompt and support journalists across beats, platforms, and geography to integrate climate change into their reporting and social media with much greater frequency. 📷📷
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Climate Change
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Climate Change
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