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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve air quality and health, reduce environmental pollution, and strengthen Ohio’s economy by increasing the use of cleaner, domestic fuels and energy-saving vehicles.


Established in 2002 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Clean Fuels Ohio is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making Ohio a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous state.  In addition to partnering with organizations to implement advanced fuel solutions and vehicle technologies, we are helping to build a statewide fueling and charging infrastructure that supports these efforts.  We also collaborate with partners in the transportation industry and local, state and federal government to promote the use of advanced fuels and vehicle technologies and to reduce barriers in order to create and maintain a level playing field for our members and stakeholders.    .

Program Details

Becoming a Member
  • Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo:  Take advantage of complimentary and discounted admission tickets to learn the latest industry trends from noted experts and to attend the pre-conference training session which covers an in-depth overview of the industry.
  • Monthly Newsletter and Blog:  Amplify your knowledge of the industry and zero in on trending topics and thought leadership.
  • Educational Resources:  Gain access to Clean Fuels Ohio’s exclusive events, webinars and workshops which are tailored to meet the unique needs of our members.
  • Strategic Fleet Consulting Services: Our reasonable rates and complimentary assistance (for Silver, Gold and Platinum levels) can reduce your fuel costs and help achieve your sustainability goals.  In addition, we'll research and apply for funding opportunities and develop training programs for your staff.
  • Policy:  We'll work on your behalf with policy makers at the local, state and federal levels to help eliminate the barriers that can impact your organization.  Platinum and Gold members are also able to attend the evening reception of our Annual Statehouse Education & Outreach Day and are always the first to be contacted to serve their space on teams for events like this.
  • Direct Connections:  We'll leverage our relationships with hundreds of decision makers in Ohio to connect you to prospects who are interested in exploring sustainable transportation technology options. (Platinum, Gold and Silver members)
  • Networking Opportunities: Meet prospective new customers and partners by networking at our member-only meetings and other events, including the Midwest Green Transportation Forum & Expo which is attended by hundreds of industry decision makers and influencers. 
  • Website and Newsletter Listings: Platinum and Gold members’ logos and links to their websites are featured on every page of our website and in our newsletter.  Silver and Bronze members are listed on the Member Listing page of our website and links to the websites of Silver members are also included.
  • Sponsorship and Exhibitor Opportunities: Platinum and Gold members can take advantage of our complimentary exhibit space at the Midwest Green Transportation Forum and Expo to make new contacts and spread the word about their organizations and product/service offerings.  In addition, Platinum members can take advantage of discounted sponsorship packages to maximize their visibility at this event.
  • Spread the News: All members may submit their news articles for inclusion in the Member Roundup section of our newsletter
  • Recognition Program: Get recognized for your organization’s success by becoming a certified Ohio Green Fleets. Platinum and Gold members are automatically enrolled in this prestigious program and awards are presented during the annual Midwest Green Fleets Forum & Expo.  In addition, your success story may be the next one to be featured on our website.
  • Webinars: Each year, Platinum members will receive one complimentary webinar hosted by Clean Fuels Ohio.  
Advanced Fuels
Did you know that the United States still imports about half of its petroleum, two-thirds of which is in the form of gasoline and diesel. About 90% of Ohio’s petroleum-based fuels are imported from out of state. Dependence on petroleum increases our trade deficit, harms our environment and leaves organizations vulnerable to unexpected price fluctuations and global and national supply chain disruptions.
Advanced fuels are proven performers for your organization’s transportation needs. They reduce risks and negative impacts because they are more stable in cost, reliable and produced domestically, with significant production in Ohio.
Learn more about advanced fuels by visiting:
Policy Work
We are the only organization in Ohio's clean transportation industry that works at the local, state and federal levels to remove policy obstacles for our members and stakeholders.  We accomplish this through direct advocacy on legislation and executive agency policy, and by providing policymakers with insight and expertise to create policies that keep Ohio moving forward in the deployment of advanced fuels.
The depth and breadth of our resources are also unique.   Our Director of Policy, Jason Phillips, is a 15-year veteran of the Ohio General Assembly.  His experience, combined with our educational and collaborative approach, has strengthened our relationships at the Statehouse and added value for our members. Our successful approach to policy has also been adopted by other Clean Cities coalitions.
Our policy work is ongoing year-round. We also host an annual Statehouse Education & Outreach Day for our members, actively participate in the Energy Independence Summit which is presented by the Transportation Energy Partners in Washington, D.C.  on federal policy, present the Legislator of the Year Award at the Midwest Green Transportation Forum and Expo, and publish a monthly blog.  
Learn more about our policy work by visiting:
Strategic Fleet Consulting Services
Do you need to reduce the operating and fuel expenses of your fleet but are concerned about the return on your investment?  What about improving your organization's environmental impact?  If you're faced with these challenges, we can help.
We have worked with hundreds of private and public sector organizations to identify and implement game changing strategies that deliver predictable savings and a return on investment.  At the same time, we focus on helping them achieve their sustainability goals.   Our approach begins by developing a comprehensive understanding of each client's needs and conducting an in-depth analysis.  We combine these findings with our expertise across the spectrum of advanced fuels and vehicle technologies to pinpoint the best solution and offer additional flexible services, including implementation assistance, post-deployment support, training, and access to funding opportunities to maximize their ongoing success.   We also recognize our clients for their success through our highly acclaimed Ohio Green Fleets program, and last, but certainly not least, as a nonprofit, our prices are far below those of other consulting firms.
Learn more about our fleet services by visiting:
Our Initiatives
Learn about the variety of initiatives Clean Fuels Ohio supports by visiting:
Please visit to learn about various events Clean Fuels hosts every year.

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Climate Change
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