Clean Energy Economy for the Region, CLEER


Mission Statement

Clean Energy Economy for the Region works to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, increase energy independence, and reduce our contribution to climate change.


CLEER is based in Garfield County, Colorado, home of the state’s second-highest concentration of oil and gas activity. It was founded in 2008 with the goal of challenging its region – which is largely rural, working class and conservative, with an economy highly dependent on oil and gas production – to become a clean-energy leader.
Starting in its home turf of Garfield County, and expanding outward, CLEER has developed a toolkit of energy-saving programs, barrier-busting techniques and culture-shifting strategies to bring communities together around a shared strategy of saving energy as a path to economic development and diversification.
CLEER has developed an approach for achieving significant emissions reductions that includes the following strategies:
* Catalyze change by inspiring and challenging community leaders to take action, and building political will for it.
* Identify and remove the barriers – financial, institutional, psychological – that keep us from switching to cleaner, more efficient options.
* Measure what you want to change to establish a baseline for setting goals and monitoring progress.
* Focus on the economic and community benefits of saving energy (not on climate change).
* Mainstream clean and renewable energy through marketing, media, events and lots of coaching.
* Tell stories and celebrate successes to inspire more participation.
* Replicate the model in other parts of rural Colorado and across the country.

Program Details

Building efficiency: We work directly with building owners and facility managers to manage and reduce energy consumption and improve comfort in existing buildings, and plan for maximum efficiency plus renewables to achieve zero-net-carbon new construction. We also work with utilities, nonprofits and local governments to design and implement community-based building efficiency programs for residential and commercial properties.
Clean transportation: We assist facility developers and site owners seek grants for projects that expand vehicle charging and fueling infrastructure. We organize community outreach and educational events, consult with individuals and fleet managers about vehicle purchase decisions, and develop advocacy for safe routes, transit and alternative transportation fuels.
Renewable energy: We help households, businesses and governments assess their options and make smart investments in renewable energy. This includes offering free consulting, organizing educational workshops, providing independent review of contracts, and identifying available grants, financing and rebates.
Western Colorado Clean Energy Network: CLEER is spearheading this ambitious multi-year initiative to accelerate progress on renewable energy and energy efficiency in our three-county region. Launched in 2019 with collaborative partners, the network is rallying our region around a collective roadmap to achieve renewable energy goals.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue
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