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Clean Coast Collective believes that the true cause of environmental destruction and the polluting of our oceans and waterways is not littering, over-packaging, or plastic—the true cause of these problems is our society's rampant disconnection from our planet. We believe that through connecting people back to nature and to community, we can turn the tide on plastic pollution and save our coastal environments.


Since 2014 we have removed over 13 tonnes of coastal pollution from Australia's most remote coastal regions. Through our hospitality partnerships and reusable product campaigns, we have prevented over 1 tonne of single-use plastic from going into circulation in our communities.
Our clean-up expeditions and retreats give volunteers and first-hand experience of how humans are destroying the planet, while also empowering them through large-scale clean-up activities. These transformational experiences connect people back to nature, and back to our role as species within this natural world.

Program Details

For the past three years we have been taking groups of volunteers on large-scale clean-up expeditions in remote Australia. While the impact of these trips has been huge in terms of pollution removed (over 13 tonnes since 2015), the bigger impact we have witnessed is the change in our volunteers—our participants return empowered and motivated to help protect the natural world, no matter where their career path takes them.
In 2019, we want to deepen these transformational experiences, offering them to more people, in more locations around Australia. We have designed a shorter 3 day retreat aimed at corporate professionals, to take them out of the office and back into nature. The corporate retreats will create leaders in all industries who are passionate about creating not just a sustainable, but a regenerative future. The corporate retreats have been designed to be run as women-only, men-only, and mixed retreats.
We are also designing a youth retreat for at-risk and disengaged teens and youth.
We will continue to run our flagship experience to Cape York which we have been running since 2015.
Our experiences work closely with the traditional custodians of the land we work on and our team includes Indigenous facilitators.
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